Meanwhile, Real Queensryche’s Todd La Torre Takes a Fan’s Phone and Does Something AWESOME with It


Geoff Tate’s decision to flippantly destroy a fan’s very expensive personal property is already the stuff of legends despite his completely ridiculous explanation for it. And while it’s not exactly news that the “real” Queensryche* blows Tateryche away in terms of music, attitude, and pretty much every other area imaginable, this latest video of the Todd La Torre-fronted version of the band drives it all home.

At a recent show in Regina, Saskatchewan, La Torre grabbed a fan’s phone during “Jet City Woman” and used it to film all the other band members, up close and personal. Thankfully someone else was filming too and caught the entire incident from a bird’s eye view. La Torre isn’t the first singer of a rock band to do this and he certainly won’t be the last. But I cannot imagine a cooler thing in that context: the fan whose phone that is will have that memory — and that very personalized video — for the rest of his life. Did La Torre do this as a snarky reaction to Geoff Tate? Absolutely not: the below video was filmed on April 6th in Regina, Canada, weeks before the Tate incident.

So not only is Todd La Torre a fantastic vocalist, but he’s a helluva guy too. Bravo!

Thanks: Christian D.

* I realize that calling either version “real” is silly; both are missing several key contributors. But I’m sticking with the La Torre-fronted version as “real” since they’ve got three original members.

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