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Dillinger News Round-Up: Ben Weinman Breaks His Hand, The Westboro Baptist Church Wants to Give Greg Puciato a Hug

  • Axl Rosenberg

There’s one media outlet whose album reviews I value above all others. No, it’s not Decibel. It ain’t Terrorizer, either. I’ll give you a hint: Jesus.

Yup — it’s The Westboro Baptist Church! They have the finest music critics in all the land; if they give an album their seal of approval, then I know it’s aces!

So HOO-RAH for Kerrang, who played The Dillinger Escape Plan’s most recent single, “Prancer” for Westboro’s Steve Drain. His reaction?

“Dude needs a hug. God has put his standard in the Earth, and all of the problems that this song tries to sound a ‘yawp’ about come as a result of the rampant disobedience of God. They have become vain in their imaginations and their foolish hearts were darkened. They worship the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever.”

For his part, Ben Weinman took the “review” in stride, posting on Facebook:

“Of all the great reviews we’ve seen of the new songs on ONE OF US IS THE KILLER, this one from the WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH may be the most informed and insightful.”

Unfortunately for Weinman, almost immediately thereafter, God smited him for his snarkiness by breaking his hand: Weinman has posted the below photo on Facebook with the caption “Broke back mountain. Fuuuuuuuck!”


No word on what this means for Dillinger’s scheduled appearance at this week’s Orion Fest, or for any of their other upcoming touring plans (they’re supposed to play Europe later this month before doing Summer Slaughter in July); we’ll keep you updated, natch.

[via Metal Injection… thanks to Stephen P. for the tip about Ben’s hand]

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