Tim Lambesis Trial

Austrian Death Machine Album Will Be Released Despite Ongoing Tim Lambesis Trial


Austrian Death Machine - Triple Brutal

Take that stinkin’ murder-for-hire charge and shove it up your ass: Austrian Death Machine will go on! Just a couple of weeks after we wondered aloud what would become of the Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired band’s promised new album — which raised $78,000 via a crowd-funding campaign earlier this year — the band has released an official statement saying that the album will be released despite creative mastermind Tim Lambesis’ pending trial.

The band posted the following to their Facebook page last night:

UPDATE!!! Neaaaahhh!!!

Tim finished all of his parts back before he went on tour in Asia. He was just waiting for me to do my parts and put together the finishing touches on the mix of the album. I’m working on that this starting this week now that I have the files. The CD should be done soon and then we’ll start planning to manufacture.

AKA the Gummy Bear of Candycornia
AKA 7 time Mr Olympia
AKA The Greatest Actor in the World

The Ahhnold character — the Schwarzenegger impersonation vocals on record — is voiced by Chad Ackerman, ex-vocalist of Destroy the Runner, one-time guitarist for As I Lady Dying and mastermind behind the not-really-metal but still awesome project A Veil. This raises a number of questions:

  1. Did Ackerman really post the above, or was it Lambesis? (I see no reason why it wouldn’t be Ackerman, but the public outrage that would result if Lambesis posted anything at all certainly makes the question worth asking)
  2. Is Ackerman in touch with Lambesis? (He must be… the band is Lambesis’ baby). If so, what’s the current state of their relationship — strictly professional as an obligation to the fans who already paid, or truly friendly?
  3. When this album finally comes out will fans embrace it or will they reject it on account of Lambesis’ trial?
  4. Did Lambesis actually finish his parts before going on tour in Asia or has he worked on them since making bail?

It’ll be interesting to see how all this shakes out. Meanwhile Lambesis remains under house arrest after posting $2 million bail through a California bondsman, and the rest of the members of As I Lay Dying remain professionally fucked over.

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