Dave Mustaine Sprays Sh*t with Perfume and Calls it Caviar

  • Axl Rosenberg


When word got out last week that Megadeth’s Super Collider was on track to sell roughly 13,000 fewer copies than first week sales for the band’s previous album, Th1rt3en, I wondered who Mustaine would blame. He’d been bitching about his album sales for both that album and the one before it, Endgame, and blaming Roadrunner for what he perceived to be low figures. But now that he had his own label, Tradecraft, and was even going around gloating about how much money Universal (Tradecraft’s distributor) was spending to promote Super Collider, well, surely he had no one to point the finger at besides himself, right?

Well, as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, there was no way in hell Mustaine was gonna take the blame for Super Collider‘s first week numbers; this is a guy who has never publicly taken responsibility for anything in his goddamn life. And so the band has posted the following message on their Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 1.27.46 PM

Funny enough, a friend of ours who used to work with Megadeth predicted that this is exactly how Mustaine would spin Super Collider‘s (perceived) underperformance — by emphasizing the chart position over the actual sales figures. So, no, Mustaine is not now gonna do the menschy thing and tell his fans “Fuck, I didn’t realize that this is the state of the music biz right now, and I owe an apology to Roadrunner.” Who knows what’s happening behind closed doors.

The craziest thing about this — again — is that selling 29k your first week is GREAT for a metal band (thus my use of the phrase “perceived underperformance”). Everything is relative. But Mustaine clearly still holds his early/mid-90s sales as the bar against which all sales will be judged, and the problem with that is, y’know, it’s not the early/mid 90s.

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