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Conducting From the Grave Leave Sumerian Records, Release New Song, Launch Kickstarter


conducting from the grave

Conducting From the Grave have either left Sumerian Records or they’ve been dropped by the label. It’s not too difficult to read between the lines of their Kickstarter mission statement to figure out which of the aforementioned happened:

One of the most frustrating things in the music business is not being able to be heard due to the power that record labels have and the advantages and disadvantages that come with being on a record label. For instance, not being supported or believed in enough to produce the record that we as a band want to make, or having a release continually delayed because, for a label, there are too many business decisions and risks involved with putting an album out. Due to these frustrations we have decided to stay away from record labels for the time being and want to focus on our relationship with our fan base. We want to get this new album to our fans the most direct way possible. That’s where this beautiful Kickstarter site, and most importantly, YOU come along.

So yeah, it sounds like Conducting From the Grave done got dropped, which is a true shame since they were one of the better bands Sumerian has signed in recent years (not that I can really blame Sumerian… for whatever reason, this band just never really took off). But they’re not letting that stop them: they’re attempting to make a go of it on their own with Kickstarter, as is de rigueur these days. They’re asking for $15,000 to cover EVERYTHING — recording, mixing, mastering, merch, van repairs, CD pressing, shipping, PR, online ads, etc — which is a very reasonably sum for all of that, and as of right now with 19 days still to go they’re over halfway there. Pledge your support here.

As a bonus, Conducting From the Grave have released a brand new song called “Honor Guide Me” to tantalize fans waiting for a new album. Check it:

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