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Andrew W.K.’s Announces Attempt to do Permanent Damage to His Arms

  • Axl Rosenberg


Andrew W.K. is obviously out of his fucking mind — in the best way imaginable — so no one should be too surprised by the ludicrousness of his latest PR stunt: he’s going to try and play the drums for twenty-four consecutive hours, thereby setting a new world record… although, uh, it’s kind of a weird world record and not really the one you’d expect: LONGEST DRUM SESSION IN A RETAIL STORE (specifically, an Oakley store).

That last part is important, because, if I’m not mistaken, the current world record for LONGEST DRUM SESSION NOT IN A RETAIL STORE (also knownsimply  as LONGEST DRUM SESSION) is held by Canada’s Steve Gaul, who played for 121 hours — more than five days — in 2011. And he raised $30,000 for cancer research in the process (he’s a cancer survivor himself). So if Andrew weren’t in a retail store, his feat would be relatively less impressive. Still, I know that I couldn’t drum for twenty-four straight hours (I’d be pleasantly surprised if I could drum for twenty-four straight minutes, frankly), so I’m not gonna give Mr. W.K. any flack for ostensibly setting a not-really-real world record.

The event will be part of this year’s O Music Awards, which features such artistically-merited categories as “Too Much Ass for T.V.” and “Best Artist Instagram.” Andy Dubya starts his drumathon this Wednesday, June 19 at 7pm ET/4pm PT, and can be streamed here. If you can’t figure out what time he finishes, you’re probably a Five Finger Death Punch fan and I hope their new albums fully live up to your standards.

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