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Disturbed Singer Flips Real Estate With The Sickness


David Draiman real estate king

David Draiman is awesome at selling records by his band Disturbed — and at selecting an ace to write for his other band, Device — but his record at selling real estate is more like his jamz: unimpressive. It might be that Draiman is only the wallet for a silent partner, but I like to imagine it’s dude himself sat at a desk, wearing a green visor and fingering his chin-bracelets while furiously crunching stats.

But his abacus might be missing a bead or two: Draiman is now selling a property in Northridge, California, that he bought for $46,000 more than its list price (and dumped $30,000 into renovations); of course his asking price would mean a return of that investment, but his sales history makes that seem unlikely: These calculations show a pattern of huge properties sold at a profit (eg. +$45,000) that’s too small to cover commission (-$154,000) — not to mention costly upgrades and fees. But with only five or so deals, Draiman is new to the game so watch out Sam Zell :)))

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