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Fulgora Have a “Splinter”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Fulgora is my kinda band: prolific. The trio (Pig Destroyer/Misery Index drummer Adam Jarvis, bassist John Jarvis (bass), and guitarist/vocalist B.L. LaMew) just released a two-song EP in March, and now they’ve already got a new 7″ coming out on October 31, featuring another two songs, “Splinter” and “Crutch.”

Given that a) Fulgora rules and b) only 300 copies of the vinyl will be pressed (a hundred of which will glow in the dark), and c) it’s affordably-yet-brutally priced at $6.66, I would hope that you’d just pre-order the damned thing right away. But in case you need some convincing, you can stream “Splinter” below. I’d describe it for you, but a picture speaks a thousand words, and, honestly, the cover of the 7″ pretty much tells you exactly how “Splinter” will make you feel:


 Don’t be scared, though — what this photo doesn’t show is that the dude has a massive boner. Talk about pleasure in pain.

ANYWAY, here’s “Splinter,” and here’s the pre-order link again in case you’re too dumb to scroll up. All pre-orders get one of those nifty glow in the dark copies (unless, I’m assuming, they get 101 pre-orders or more… dearly beloved MetalSucks readers, please help make that happen). The band’s debut full-length will be out next year. Stoked!!!

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