I Thought the New Shinedown Video Was a Commercial


Pre-roll ads on videos are not at all uncommon these days. So when Shinedown’s new video, “I’ll Follow You,” began, with its Train-esque piano line, whiney vocals, and portrayal of a pretty girl enjoying leisure time on a hill, I thought it was a commercial for like The Gap or Diesel or something. It’s only when it kept going on for what felt like forever that I realized this was the video. But can you seriously blame me? I mean, look at this shit!

I suppose if I had been more familiar with the face of vocalist Brent Smith, I might have picked up on the fact that it wasn’t just an ad for Cymbalta. But I’m not familiar with the  face of vocalist Brent Smith, because I try not familiarize myself with things that suck. Fucker.

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