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Lemmy Has Heart Trouble


Lemmy's heart

Classic Rock magazine is set to publish an interview with Lemmy Kilmister, 67, in which the Motorhead frontman drops a bomb: He’s received recent medical attention for heart problems. A defibrillator is now in his chest to help normalize his heart beat. Wow. Fuck.

It’s scary and threatens our collective state of denial about Lemmy’s mortality. It’s too hard to contemplate a world without him. Sorry but that’s how I feel. And yet, I giggle cuz this health scare is so similar to another Lemmy story: his modesty over the number of women he’s banged. Remember? After offering an estimate of 2,000, Lemmy corrected it to a thousand women — and with the caveat that few should be impressed by that count. It sounds like a big number, he explained, but it’s pretty standard for a guy who’s been on tour since age 16. His vibe is like, Meh u could do better.

And likewise, yes Lemmy now has a serious health issue, but he’s been on tour/on drugz/awake since age 16. So his status seems pretty standard too lol. But seriously, never ever leave us Lemmy. Lovve uuu xoxoxo

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