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Howard Jones’ New Band Has a Photo Now

Obviously, you have to scroll down to see the photo.
Obviously, you have to scroll down to see the photo.

I’m excited to hear music from The Devil You Know, former Killswitch Engage/Blood Has Been Shed vocalist Howard Jones’ new project with All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato and Devolved drummer John Sankey. But you guys are REALLY FUCKING EXCITED, apparently: a couple of weeks ago, the band announced their name — that’s it, just their name, no new music, no album release date, no tour plans, just the name of the goddamn band — and you all went completely nuts. It was one of the most popular stories here on MetalSucks that week. I don’t think the story could have been more popular if it had been about Dave Mustaine accusing President Obama of framing Tim Lambesis and having Jeff Hanneman killed.

Just… from announcing… a name.


So, I imagine this will really make you all go apeshit: the band’s first photo as a collective. Try not to scream and cry when you look at it, okay?

The Devil You Know First Band Photo

The Devil You Know plan to release their first album by the end of the year. Give the level of hysteria already surrounding them, if it’s even halfway decent, I imagine it’s gonna be a major hit.


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