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Attila Made the Stupidest Lyric Video Ever

  • Axl Rosenberg

What does getting a lap dance have to do with Attila’s song “Break Shit”? Absolutely nothing. But when your band has as much as talent as Kittie does male members, you have to get attention somehow, right? So, sure, why not put the words “PUNCH THAT BITCH” next to the image of a stripper? Couldn’t possibly send the wrong message, right?

Honestly, the only reason I don’t find this completely reprehensible is because I’m not entirely convinced that the band’s fans will watch it. For one thing, with porn so readily available on the net, I don’t know why even a sexless, horny adolescent would sit through this. And for another thing, I’m not entirely convinced that Attila fans can read.

(Heads up — this video is NSFW on account of lotsa semi-naked ladies.)

Attila are currently starring in The Bling Ring, in theaters nationwide now!

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