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Gorky Park: Russian Metal Bands Have Been Sucking Since at Least 1987


gorky park

Thanks to MetalSucks reader Alex K for enlightening us to the fact that bad Russian knockoff metal bands are nothing new: long before Convicted Skies and Angelic Blood were staining the universe’s underwear, Russia had their very own Poison/Warrant knockoff band called Gorky Park.

The results are pretty much what you’d expect: the band indulges in every. single. cliche their American hair metal counterparts were pulling in hair metal’s late ’80s / early ’90s sunset. Although unlike the above two bands, these guys aren’t completely horrible (just generic and funny!). Dudes can clearly play, and the music’s got its own distinct Russian-sounding element to it. Ever reliable Wikipedia experts claim the band experienced some Stateside success in the late ’80s (and their video even aired on MTV!), but I never heard of ’em before now. Moscow calling, indeed.

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