Tim Lambesis Trial

Lambesis Court Date Set for September 16



Tim Lambesis showed up in court yesterday for a “Felony Readiness” hearing. As previously reported, Felony Readiness entails a private meeting between the prosecuting and defense attorneys in the judge’s chambers, at which time either side may offer a plea bargain — e.g., Lambesis changes his plea from “not guilty” to “guilty,” thus saving everyone a lot of time and work, and, in exchange, he’s sentenced to less jail time than he might be otherwise.

The above photo was taken yesterday by the San Diego Reader (good on whoever advised Lambesis to wear a longsleeve shirt that covers up his tats and bulging biceps). Other than that, unfortunately we haven’t got anything other details; information from the hearing hasn’t been released. What we do know is that Lambesis’ next court date has been set for September 16th, so it could be quite a while before we hear anything about the Lambesis trial.

In other news, at least Lambesis didn’t get away with his alleged plot to kill his wife… he could be this guy.

More, of course, as it comes in.

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