The Black Dahlia Murder Release the Rashomon of Playthrough Videos

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Black Dahlia Murder have released a whopping five playthrough videos for “Into the Everblack” — one showing performances by guitarists Ryan Knight and Brian Eschbach, drummer Alan Cassidy, and bassist Max Lavelle side-by-side, with the additional four spotlighting each musician’s individual performance. Personally, I found the first version to be the most entertaining, just because there’s something so elegant about the way each separate part of the Black Dahlia machine comes together to make one perfect death metal song. But I imagine the individual videos would come handy if one were trying to teach oneself how to play the song on one’s instrument of choice.

You can watch all five videos below. “Into the Everblack” is the kinda-sorta title track for The Black Dahlia Murder’s Everblack, which is out now on Metal Blade.

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