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Volto!: Tool’s Danny Carey Announces New Album


Danny Carey Tool Volto!

Okay look, there are a few troubling watchwords in the story of Volto!, a new project from Danny Carey (Tool):

  1. “Jazz” It’s reported that Volto! grew from casual sessions at an L.A. club where people go to listen to (gulp) jazz.
  2. “Solos” This Chad Childers report at Loudwire notes that the live jams featured solos from each member of the trio.
  3. “Fusion” See #1 and #2
  4. “Downtime” That’s what u get stuck with when your huge band’s singer leaves u hanging while he exhausts his other interests. This kind of time has produced forgettable side projects since 80 B.C. when Caesar got into javelins and shit.

But let’s be fair and consider the info that’s encouraging: Tool producer Joe Barresi recorded the upcoming release (it’s titled Incitare), Tool guitarist Adam Jones contributed his arts to its cover, and Carey and crew dispense a measure of transparency via a free download of album track “Grip It” (here) — but that last part might be a bluff cuz the link doesn’t work. Well played, Carey.

Incitare by Volto! is out July 23 via Fantasy and Concord Music Group. 

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