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Oh my goddamn shit A MEMORIA BROODED is heavy #sludgewave

  • Sergeant D

a memoria brooded

As u may know, SLUDGEWAVE is the Next Big Thing: bands like FEIGN and DEMOLISHER who do that “ridiculously fucking brutal downtuned deathcore that kinda sounds like hardcore but isn’t really” thing. And imo the Next Big Thing in SLUDGEWAVE is Pasadena’s own A MEMORIA BROODED (proof that all 90% of all good heavy music comes from the 626, lms if u rep the SGV too!). I’m not one of those “lower is better” losers but I do have to give these guys props for tuning to double-drop-D– tuned down to D, then a full octave lower. Hands down one of the most brutal and exciting bands I’ve heard all year! Rock if u like THE ACACIA STRAIN, THE WHITECHAPELS, or MESHUGGAH (if MESHUGGAH were drastically better songwriters).

So goddamn heavy it made shit come out of my dick omfg jfc i can’t even

“The Liar” ft Skyler from ISSUES (and uploaded by classy Youtube user IShitOnYourMomsAss)

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