Opeth Sampled in Tko Capone’s Hip-Hop Masterpiece, “Don’t Luv These Hoes”


Tko Capone and Mikael Akerfeldt

Deserted again
You speak to me through the shadows
Walking in closed rooms, using cold words
Captured by the night
The yearning escapes from my embrace

If, someday, one were to have to translate this achingly beautiful poetry from Opeth’s “Credence” (the way modern kids needs Shakespeare’s poetry translate for them), you could basically boil it down to the four-word-phrase that served as the original working title for the album on which the song appears: Don’t Luv These Hoes. Indeed, this simple-yet-powerful message is the very essence not only of “Credence,” but of the entire My Arms, Your Hearse record in general. Few metal musicians have captured the power lack-of-hoe-love with the intensity of Mikael Åkerfeldt.

So the fact that rapper Tko Capone has sampled both “Credence”‘s music and its message for his song “Don’t Luv These Hoes” is, depending on your perspective, either totally appropriate, or the act of dumbing-down a masterpiece for the lowest common denominator. (And I know it’s not new — for whatever reason, I’m just hearing about it now.)

So which is it? Is Tko Capone hip-hop’s answer to Sire Laurence Olivier, or Baz Luhrman? Listen and decide for yourself:

Thanks: Matt

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