Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Rounds 17-20: Van Hagar Vs. Underoath, Godsmack Vs. (hed) p.e., Whitechapel Vs. Winds of Plauge, Black Veil Brides Vs. L.A. Guns


Shat Brack Rounds 17-20We actually had not one but TWO comebacks during yesterday’s matches: Mushroomhead were briefly beating Marilyn Manson, and Vampires Everywhere! were briefly beating Attack Attack!, but then Manson and AA! fans (or people who at least hate them less than they hate Mushroomhead and VE!) came to their rescue, ultimately supplying them with a victory. Also moving ahead to the next round: Pantera, who very unsurprisingly made Hellyeah their bitch, and Job for a Cowboy, who very unsurprisingly suffocated Suffokate.

Now that we’re starting to see which bands will square off in the next round, things are starting to get really exciting! But we’re not done with the preliminary match-ups yet. Vote for the winenrs latest four bouts below! The polls close tomorrow, Saturday, July 13, at 4:30 pm EST — although please note that we won’t announce the winners until Monday.

And on that note…

VAN HAGAR VS. UNDEROATHVan Hagar vs Underoath

These days, asserting a preference for Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen over David Lee Roth-era Van Halen is roughly akin to being a Holocaust denier… although the band infamously sold more records with Sammy than Dave. Can rock elitists forgive Hagar and company for creating the soundtrack to a Pepsi commercial — or do Underoath really, truly have God on their side? Vote now!

GODSMACK VS. (HED) P.E.Godsmack vs hed pe

Godsmack have sold so many records that, statistically speaking, at least some of you have bought ’em. (hed) p.e., meanwhile, have seen their career go into such decline that they’ve been forced to convert to Juggaloism. But is Godsmack’s memory-of-Layne-Staley-disgracing mooserock genuinely superior to (hed) p.e.’s brand of Limp Bizkit’s brand of rap metal? You decide!

WHITECHAPEL VS. WINDS OF PLAGUEWhitechapel vs Winds of Plague

This fight all comes down to one real issue: Do you prefer your extraneous members with or without boobs? Make your choice!!!


L.A. Guns were true trail blazers: they had two separate versions of the band using the same name years before Gorgoroth or Queensrÿche. Black Veil Brides have yet to do anything nearly as inventive, but what they lack in innovation, they more than make-up for in keeping Sephora in business. Which band deserves to advance to the next round? Vote for your favorite below!

THE BRACKET THUS FAR (click to enlarge):



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