Mediocre Band Films Video on Tatooine

  • Axl Rosenberg

The More I See Tatooine

You would think that if any metal band filmed a video on the set of Star Wars, it would be — duh — Vader. And yet, somehow, those revered Polocks have been beaten to the punch by a bunch of Limeys: The More I See’s new video, “The Eye That Offends,” what shot on the original set of Tatooine, a.k.a. the home planet of the Skywalker family and the Hutts.

And although this news might make your nerds parts tingle, you shouldn’t get too excited — ’cause the video is pretty boring, and the band is bad. And not even bad in, like, a really funny way. Just… bland. Like their highest aspiration is to be Bullet for My Valentine. Actually, you probably could have convinced me that this was Bullet for My Valentine.

“The Eye That Offends” appears on The More I See’s The Disappearing Humans, which comes out October 1 on Century/Earache. It shall heretofore be known as The Disappearing Hummus, for no reason other than that that phrase makes me giggle.

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