Show Us Your MetalSucks: Reppin’ MetalSucks in Belgium




That’s friend-o-MetalSucks Nick T. in the photo above, pictured wearing his limited edition MetalSucks t-shirt (part of our FYE Metal Pack, now out of print) in front of a chocolate shop in Brussels. Thanks for repping your MS threads in Belgium, Nick, really, but did you bring enough chocolate back for us? Didn’t your mama teach you, if you didn’t bring enough to share don’t bring any at all? Thanks for nothin’.

Nick works in the industry so we’re pretty sure he’s already got all the metal goodies he could ever want, but don’t let that stop YOU: send in fun pics of yourself wearing your MetalSucks t-shirt and we’ll reward you with a free box o’ metal goodies in the mail! It’s a deal too good to be true, and yet, it’s true: a t-shirt and a bunch of CDs for the price of just a t-shirt. Buy yours here.

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