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Arsis Want $12,800 Of Your Moneys To Go On Tour


Arsis 2013 Jeremy Saffer

Arsis are about to head out on tour with Wintersun, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Starkill, and they’re asking for your help to do it: yesterday they launched a $12,800 crowd-funding campaign via Indiegogo. Says the band:

Unfortunately, with great tours come great responsibilities, and this is a big tour with a big overhead. The current circumstances that coincide with such a tour have prevented us from “road dogging” in a van, which is traditional Arsis fashion, leaving us with a substantial amount of financial ground to cover. $12,800 to be exact. After exhausting all other possibilities, we must ask our fans for support. We need your help to keep our heads above water and be able to melt faces in a town near you!

As far as the whole “earn your stripes before asking for money” debate when it comes to crowd-funding, I think Arsis definitely fall into the category of bands who have been doing this long enough to justify a campaign like this, unlike some bands. And $12,800 seems like a reasonable sum given the expenses they’re facing (plus, of course, the fact that fans aren’t just donating money… they’ll be receiving cool stuff in return).

But I’d really like to know more about the circumstances that are “preventing [them] from road-dogging in a van” on this tour. What circumstances are those? Looking at the tour routing, for the most part the drives don’t seem to be longer than the usual North American tour. Did their van go caput? Did they decide it’s time for a bus? Is there some reason (medical or otherwise) they literally cannot tour in a van? If I’m going to plunk down my hard-earned bills on Arsis I demand more transparency. I love Arsis to death but IMO they don’t get a free pass here.

Donate to the Indiegogo campaign here. Having already raised $3,174 in less than 24 hours it seems a near certainty Arsis will reach their goal, which is of course great news for Arsis lovers like us everywhere. The “Velcro Ball with Arsis” bundle definitely seems like the most fun deal of the lot!

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