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Gyre’s Eye Reveals All


Gyre - Second Circle

Are you in the mood for something that’s both heavy and melodic, but not, like, melodic in a real pussy kinda way? Well then have I got a band for you: Gyre from New Jersey.

Truth be told, the band’s new single, “All Revealing Eye,” is my introduction to them, but assuming the rest of their forthcoming Second Circle is this good, I’m totally on board. Tribal and just the right mix of catchy and techy, Gyre lean towards the djenty side, but their good cop vocals never sound like some whiney robot; they’re emotional, sure, but the production gives them a spacey, echo chamber quality that’s decidedly more human than what you may be used to.

And did I mention this shit is stupid catchy? Really, I know I say it all time, but I can’t emphasize it enough: SONGWRITING IS EVERYTHING. And all evidence suggests that these dudes know how to write a song.

Check out “All Revealing Eye” now over at Metal UndergroundSecond Circle comes out July 23 on Monolithic.

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