Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Rounds 33 & 34: Metallica Vs. Killswitch Engage, Volbeat Vs. Burzum


Shat Brack Rounds 33 and 34Well, we were wrong about yesterday’s matches: they weren’t close. At all. Shadows Fall fell on Kiss, Ghost chewed up Korn and spit ’em out, The Haunted spooked Suicide Silence, and Guns N’ Roses opened fire on Liturgy and sent ’em knock knock knockin’ on Heaven’s door.

But now we’re gettin’ to the real nitty gritty! All of the bands from here on out have survived their initial fights. But, alas, for some of them, is gonna be the end of the line — and you get to decide who stays and who goes. Cast your votes below! The polls close tomorrow, Friday, July 19, at 4:30 pm EST.


Killswitch Engage are enjoying something of a renaissance right now, while Metallica’s last album was Lulu. Just putting that out there.

VOLBEAT VS. BURZUMVolbeat vs Burzum

Uh… well… this is awkward…

Look, we don’t wanna tell you who to vote for. But if you don’t vote for Burzum, Varg might kill us all. So. Ball’s in your court. 

THE BRACKET THUS FAR (click to enlarge):Shat Brack July 18

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