Ya Think Stray from the Path Have Been Listening to Rage Against the Machine?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Stray from the Path used to sound like a fairly typical metalcore band (in the Botch sense of “metalcore”), but then last year they covered Rage Against the Machine’s “Vietnow,” and I guess they really enjoyed working in that vein, ’cause the RATM influence on their new song, “Badge & A Bullet,” is apparent from the second the track begins with a distinctly Morello-esque guitar effect (the title of the song is obviously also very Ragey). Since I like Rage way more than I like old (“old”, ha!) Stray from the Path, the change in direction bothers me not one bit, but I’ll be curious to see how the band’s fans react. Don’t turn that shit off:

“Badge & A Bullet” will appear on Stray from the Path’s new album, Anonymous, which comes out September 17 on Sumerian.

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