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Iwrestledabearonce Would “Buy That For a Dollar”


Iwrestledabearonce - Late for Nothing

MetalSucks Mansion resident Iwrestledabearonce-lover Axl Rosenberg is on vacation this week which means WOOOO PARTY, FREE CRIB!!!! NO PARENTS!!! ICE CREAM FOR DINNER!!!

Wait, no, I mean… what’s a party without Axl anyway? At the very least you’ll be hearing from yer Uncle Vince a lot more often (save a few pre-written posts from Axl), including about usual Axl-approved bands like Iwrestledbearonce. They’ve got a new song called “I’d Buy That For a Dollar” streaming at Bloody Disgusting, and I like it about as much as I’ve liked anything the band’s done in the past, which is to say I think it’s OK. I don’t particularly love this band the way Axl does, but they don’t offend me the way they seem to offend some people either. They’re just… there. That jam with the Steve Vai guitar solo was pretty cool, though.

Stream “I’d Buy That For a Dollar” here. Late for Nothing comes out August 6 on Century.

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