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Dee Snider Beefin’ Again


Tommy lee Dee Snider

It is etched in stone that Tommy Lee was an awesome drummer who partied awesomely and smiled a lot. Each of those facts is a rainbow treasure all by itself. And as lovers of Lee, we can state plainly that the 50-year old now might want to focus on enjoying his many riches and veiny inches, and maybe not work himself into a tizzy over trifles. Like he did on his facebook the other day in a rant against modern celebrity and reality TV and shit. Jersey Shore pisses off Tommy Lee apparently. Think about that: The guy who plays an upside-down drum solo in his underwear on coke — that guy wants higher standards.

Then one butthurt metal guy turned into two butthurt metal guys once Tommy Lee’s annoyance annoyed Dee Snider; the Twisted Sister frontman took to twitter to address Lee’s address thusly:

Dee Snider on Tommy Lee

Snider can call bullshit on Lee’s bullshit, that’s cool. But I feel like that’s an easy one, zinging a methy drummer. Now, when Dee decried those “diaries” by Lee’s bandmate Nikki Sixx, that was awesome! Love u guys! xoxo

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