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“Brave This Storm” with Trivium



I sit here hopeful that I owe Trivium an apology. I’ve been giving them shit since it was announced that David Drainhole produced their new album, news I found especially disappointing in light of the fact that I actually like Trivium, making their collaboration with the Suckturbed/Suckvice “singer” akin to finding out that your buddy has been fooling around with the mentally handicapable girl down the block. Like, total bummer, bruh.

But the band debuted a new song, “Brave the Storm,” at the Rock the City Festival in Bucharest, Romania, yesterday, and while a live bootleg is never the best way to judge something for the first time, it actually sounds pretty promising to me. It sure would be swell if it turned out that Drainhole’s biggest contribution to the album was occasionally suggesting that Matt Heafy try making some animal grunts while posing for Facebook photos. Christ knows the new Megadeth song he worked on has his ball cheese-encrusted fingertips all over it. Check it out, see what you think:

By the way, the art at the top of this post — which readers with eyes will also note is now Trivium’s on-stage backdrop — is by Benjamin Kyle Burnett, and is currently serving as the band’s FB cover photo, too. I’m assuming it’s going to be the new album’s cover art. It actually took me a second to realize those giant robot thingies are letter “T”s.

The new Trivium album should be out later this year on Roadrunner.

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