Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Rounds 49 & 50: Killswitch Engage Vs. Pantera, Abigail Williams Vs. Burzum


Rounds 49 and 50With Morbid Angel and Ghost handily defeating The Haunted and Rob Zombie (respectively), we now find ourselves in the quarter finals [Nope, not yet. We apologize for our inability to count. -Ed.], where the stakes can REALLY change!!! It’s so exciting we can hardly stand it.

Cast your votes as to which two bands should now move on to the semi-finals below. The polls close tomorrow, Wednesday, July 31 at 4:30 pm EST. Now vote!!!!!!!


Depending on who you ask, these two bands either get too much credit for doing shit that other, better bands already did, or don’t get enough credit for being shining lights during very dark times in the metal world. Which one of less deserving of being the subject of smack talk? You decide!!!

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS VS. BURZUMAbigail Williams vs Burzum

Uh… uh… yeah… uh… uh…

THE BRACKET THUS FAR (click to enlarge):

Shat Brack July 30

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