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Drop What You’re Doing And Listen to the New Ulcerate Song!


Ulcerate - Vermis


Vermis, the New Zealand band’s first release for Relapse Records, comes out on September 17th and can be pre-ordered here. But the band’s released a song from the album called “Confronting Entropy” which you can, should, MUST stream below:

First thought: the production is a lot more raw, and the mix seems to be pushed much more loudly, than the band’s last album The Destroyers of All. Not that Destroyers sounded like it was produced inside a sterile cancer research laboratory — it had plenty of grit — but I really preferred that production. Shocking as it is, I like being able to hear what each instrument is doing at all times without having to strain, and the mix on “Entropy” is a bit muddier. Especially drummer Jamie Saint Merat; dude’s a fucking beast and I want to hear every little nuance of what he’s playing! I’m sure this was a conscious decision, but… meh. Rawness is overrated most of the time IMO.

ANYWAY, the track still slays and sounds exactly like what you’d want new Ulcerate to sound like, from a songwriting perspective. Can’t wait to hear the full record.

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