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The Defiled’s ‘Daggers’: U Jam?

  • Anso DF

The Defiled Daggers

There are two ways out of genre hell: One, disregard the shorthand of a genre and roll the dice that your fresh vibe will make sense to listeners. Maybe your music will someday spawn its own genre, but at the moment of its creation, it basically comes from you and only you. (Or it smacks of “failed attempt at originality” aw nuts!) The second way out is for your songs to be so awesome that they’re irresistible to even listeners who, like, aren’t into your genre at all. Think of the random nu-metal album you love, or a hair metal jam whose charm plows through its absurdity and into your heart.

Or think of The Defiled’s sophomore album Daggers! Yes, it belongs to a genre for which, here in 2013, you’re probably about at capacity (be that one or one thousand of its records). But Daggers is awesome anyway, all cacophonously overwhelming like good Whitechapel and Minús, and super-hooky like the debuts by Spineshank and Lostprophets. You might send it to your bros whom you are nudging to graduate from Stone Sour and Shinedown. Ugh sorry I am not doing anybody any favors with those unsexy references, but wow here we are — click play!

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