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Question Of The Week-ish: A Penny For Your Thought

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Banner by Cysquatch

Thank you MetalSucks readers! You guys are awesome and we love your responses to each Friday’s totally awesome MS Question Of The Week. Cuz think about it, that’s part of why we all love music: Makes you think! But not too much. lol Anyway, this week the venerable MS writers are stepping aside to make way for a QOTW to be answered by you. Yaay! And hey, since you headbangers and mosh bros have the exclusive, you prob want to answer robustly and thoughtfully. Search your memory. Look into your soul. Refer to notes. Ask around behind the bathrooms. And firstly, entertain your readers! Oh and include your contact info so we can get you that penny! J/k

Inspired by fun discussion of an elusive fact, a divisive issue, a puzzlement, a philosophy, or whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about, we ask you MetalSucks readers the following:

Do you have an idea for a killer Question Of The Week?

Thanks everybody! Have an awesome weekend xoxo

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