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Whack Job Claims to Have Taken a Photo of Dio’s Ghost

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Ghost of Dio

So I woke up this morning, checked my RSS feed to see if any interesting news transpired overnight, read the below on Blabbermouth, and promptly did a spit-take with my coffee:

The brother of LAST IN LINE singer Andrew Freeman, who has previously fronted HURRICANE and LYNCH MOB, claims that an image believed to be an apparition of Ronnie James Dio made an appearance on the stage during LAST IN LINE‘s first-ever concert, which took place this past Saturday, August 3 at Slidebar in Fullerton, California. Raymond Freeman Jr. tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET, “I just came across it while looking at photos from the last gig. Call me crazy, but it somewhat apears to be Ronnie James Dio just above [LAST IN LINE guitarist] Vivian Campbell. Just weird… Ghost??? Weird lighting??? Not sure, but it’s there and pretty creepy.”

Raymond added on his Facebook page: “The moment Ronnie Dio came through this past weekend… Watch the video [see below]… Right when Vinny [AppiceLAST IN LINE drummer] goes too long on the snare fill… Look at my brother’s face… That’s Dio… channeling through my bro who I have now tagged Di’omen… Weird shit like this runs in my fam. Call me crazy.”

Whatever you say, crazy!

Dio and his former guitarist, Vivian Campbell, were not on good terms when Dio died, and Last in Line, which was founded by Campbell, is now performing Dio songs live. So I guess it is kinda plausible that Dio would come back to haunt them (assuming, for the sake of argument, that we concede there is such a thing as ghosts, even though there isn’t). That being said, I’d like to think that someone with Dio’s flare for the theatrical would a) create a much more startling haunting, and b) do so in front of a band anyone gave a shit about — like, say, Black Sabbath.

Also, the thing in the photo to which Raymond Freeman Jr. doesn’t look like Dio. At all. It just looks like some splotches of light.


And if you watch the video, it’s there the entire time. So it’s not even as though this is some mysterious weird thing that happened. It was a stage light.

And I find the attempt to milk everyone’s fondness for the late Ronnie James Dio to be incredibly low-class. Especially when it detracts from real miracles — like how I saw Jeff Hanneman in my toast this morning!!!

Hanneman ToastNow that is come crazy shit!

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