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This or the Apocalypse’s “Damaged Good” is Really Bad

  • Axl Rosenberg

If you’re in the mood for something neither original nor catchy… if you feel like there just isn’t enough auto-tuned djentcore in your life… if you listened to Carcass’ new album and thought, “Meh, this is okay, but what I really want is something that lends itself to choreographed stage moves”… well then you are in luck. ‘Cause you could describe This or the Apocalypse’s “Damaged Good” (not “Damaged Goods,” plural) in any of those ways. It’s at a level of unoriginality where if you told me they just took a song by any number of other bands, or one of their own songs, for that matter, changed a few notes and lyrics, and released it, I would totally believe you. Actually, I hope that’s what they did. I’d hate to think of putting a whole ton of effort into recording a song Periphery already did better five years ago.

[via Lambgoat]

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