Dave Mustaine’s Daughter Cheers Up Wounded Soldiers with Song About Dying

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dave and Electra MustaineDave Mustaine’s daughter, Electra, was recently on the morning show New Day Northwest, where she performed Megadeth’s “A Tout le Monde” with Jason Kertson, grandson of The Sonics’ Rob Lind to help promote an upcoming benefit concert for Operation Ward 57, “a non-profit organization that helpswounded servicemembers and their families.” And I know I should be nice since this was for a good cause, but yeah I’m gonna g be a dick anyway:

  1. Why would anyone in the modern age name his daughter Electra? If Lita Ford’s son was named “Oedipus,” everyone would think that was pretty goddamn weird, and they’d be right. But Electra is acceptable because… uh… it sounds cooler? It just seems like a totally bizarre message to send to the worl
  2. Although Dave Mustaine has said it’s just about death and not suicide, the open-letter-style lyrics to “A Tout Le Monde” certainly suggest that it’s about suicide. And the video, which features a series of people standing at the edge of an uncommonly-deep grave as though it were the ledge of a building before leaping into said grave, was infamously banned by MTV for allegedly endorsing suicide. And, oh yeah, the song originally appeared on Youthanasia. I guess what I’m saying is, this seems like a weird song with which to serenade wounded troops. (Even if it isn’t about suicide, singing about death for wounded soldiers seems a little like trying to entertain a children’s cancer ward by showing them Terms of Endearment). And the music selection seems even weirder when you consider that vast majority of New Day Northwest‘s audience appears as though they could drop at any moment.
  3. They couldn’t have found a newer promo photo of Megadeth to use? I bet Electra was still but a twinkle in Dave’s eye when that picture was taken. (She was born the same year Nick Menza split with the band.)
  4. Boy, that host sure is insightful, isn’t she?

Other than that, though, y’know, this is pretty good. Electra is definitely a better singer than her father. I know that’s like saying that someone is thinner than Dino Cazares, but still…!

Thanks: J.A.M.

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