Show Us Your MetalSucks: The Rockstar Mayhem Fest Edition




Former MS intern and current kick-ass metal publicist Natalie C. rocked her MetalSucks t-shirt at this year’s Mayhem Fest, and for that we are eternally grateful! Think of all the thousands of t-shirt orders we’ll surely now be receiving from all that exposure. Nice product placement with the drink can there, too, on behalf of your employer. Sly!

We’re pretty sure Natalie has access to all the same free metal shtuff we usually give away as part of our ongoing Show Us Your MetalSucks contests so we’ll spare her apartment the clutter in favor of a tall, cold one and a pat on the back next time we see her. But that shouldn’t stop YOU: just send in a photo of yourself donning your MS gear to news[at] and we’ll reward you with a box of goodies in the mail.

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