Clutch Achieve “Crucial Velocity” with Super-Hottie Aisha Tyler


Hey, can I take a second to show you dudes something pretty awesome? It will only take a second of your time, and I swear it will be totally worth it. Here it is:

Aisha Tyler

I know, right? I just totally blew your minds. In fact, right now, a healthy percentage of you bros are like, “YO, what is THAT?!?!” Well, it’s called a “woman,” and I can tell you from the two or three times one has taken pity on me that they can make your life, like, a billion percent more awesome (also a billion percent more awful, but don’t think about that right now).

The particularly-breathtaking woman in the above photograph is named Aisha Tyler, and she’s an actress. She also directed, shot, and edited Clutch’s new video for the song “Crucial Velocity.” And, sure, it’s less shocking that she did a video for these kings of boogie woogie than if she had done a video for, say, Prostitute Disfigurement, but still. It is as though an angel came down from Heaven to our crappy little level of Hell for a couple of hours.

“Crucial Velocity” appears on Clutch’s Earth Rocker, which is out now, and which would be totally killer even if it didn’t attract the attention of a living, breathing work of art.

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