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Winds of Plague Announce New Anthrax Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

Yesterday, Winds of Plague announced the impending release of their new album, Resistance, and I tried my hardest to just ignore the press release sitting in my inbox, I swear I did!, but ultimately, I could not. ‘Cause a) I’m a masochist, and b) potential lulz, y’know? And so I open up the press release and look at the album art, and uhh…

Anthrax vs Winds of Plague

There are enough differences between the two that I wouldn’t call the WoP cover a straight-up ripoff… but they are pretty damned similar in style, color, and layout.

borders and frames x shape at center circle thingies placement of faces

But I actually really like them both. Look, I just said something nice about Winds of Plague! If their new album sounds like Anthrax, too, I’ll have plenty more nice things to say about them! That would pretty amazing, wouldn’t it? Oh, don’t get excited, there’s no way the new WoP albums sounds like Anthrax.

ANYWAY, the Winds of Plague album comes out in October and then they’re part of Bleeding Through’s farewell tour, along with Oceano. I know I should be way more specific about release and tour dates but please just go Google that shit if you really want it.

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