“Lust” Video Will Give You a Boargazm

  • Axl Rosenberg

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Reader Matt R., who runs the website A Metal State of Mind, recently sent us the video for “Lust” by the South African band Boargazm. (The video is over a year old, and the album on which it appears, The Aporkalypse, is almost two years old; the band obviously does not have much of a PR machine behind them.) So I start watching this video and at first I’m like, “This is pretty funny, but the music isn’t anything special and the joke it gonna get old pretty fast.”

And almost as soon as that thought crossed my mind, the music suddenly became special — as though the band anticipated this reaction from listeners, realized “Being to pigs as Buckethead is to chickens ain’t gonna sustain interest” and did something about it.

What makes “Lust” — and all of The Aporkalypse — more than just gimmick music by a gimmick band is the way they meld a wide variety of styles, all while writing consistently catchy tunes. There are pig squeals, natch, but the music isn’t pure death or grind — in fact, they are often not playing death or grind at all. Everything from thrash to hardcore to metalcore to pop punk to hair metal (those guitar solos!) to industrial finds its way into the melting pot. The production sucks, sure, but it’s barely bothersome given how cool the music is.

Check out the video for “Lust” below (warning: there are some images of adorable little piggies getting hacked up, so if you’re sensitive to that kinda thing)…

…and here’s their video for “Barbatus,” from the same album. It’s not as entertaining as the “Lust” video, although the a-ha/”Take On Me” video-esque animation (which is actually ripped off from the movie Altered States) is pretty rad.

You can stream all of The Aporkalypse below, and download it here. (I feel obligated to mention that there’s a song called “Ground Zero” that opens with the sounds of an airplane. Honestly, the fact that I’m posting about this on 9/11 is just an unfortunately coincidence. Please don’t read anything into it.) And if someone could somehow get these dudes to the States on a tour with Cattle Decapitation (or maybe some shows with Pig Destroyers — surely, these bands would be mortal enemies, yet excellent show buddies!), I would really appreciate it. K thanks.

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