Free (and Legal!) Movie Stream: Downloaded, the Napster Documentary Directed by Bill & Ted‘s Alex Winter



Downloaded, the long-awaited documentary about Napster directed by Alex Winter — a.k.a. “Bill” from the Bill & Ted movies — was given a limited theatrical run earlier this year, and is now out via all the various outlets for watching movies at home… but the film’s clever marketers aren’t making anyone pay for it. You can stream the entire film, legally and free of charge, on AOL.

I just learned about this moments before I started typing, so I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole thing yet, and therefore can’t tell you if Downloaded is as interesting as it sounds or not. But it has a 67% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes (meaning 67% of all reviews for the film have been positive), for whatever that’s worth.

can tell you that just in the first few minutes, there is some HILARIOUS footage from “the old days” of various people (including Bryant Gumbel) trying to understand what the internet is. That alone should entice you to at least give this thing a shot. Well, that, and the fact that Bill S. Preston, Esquire would think that it was totally bogus if you didn’t.

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