Watch: First Trailer From Coroner Doc! Coroner Rulz!

  • Anso DF

All by itself, Coroner fandom is like a delicious cake, a multi-layered, meticulously crafted monument of sweet delights. But only recently has there appeared a proverbial cherry on its top — and that little bonus is that the avant-thrash trio’s profile is now at its highest since like 1987? Yaay! That just feels good for lonely fans of a rad band which only momentarily enjoyed the modicum of acclaim due to makers of weird metal.

And this buzz has resulted in reunion shows (drool), new merch (splooge), and next year a fantastic documentary about how everybody loves Coroner! In its new trailer (above), it’s explained that they’re kinda the Fishbone or Humble Pie of thrash, all armed with intimidating skill and a fearless genius that fired other bands of their ilk — so say their brahs like Tom from Celtic Frost, Michael from Opeth, and Mille from Kreator. Pardon my french but Fuck yeah!!! Coroner rulz!

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