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Anthrax Commence Writing New Album

photo by Stephanie Cabral
photo by Stephanie Cabral

This according to a series of Tweets from Scott Ian over the weekend:

Of course it’s just the early stages of the process so we don’t really know anything with regards to how the new album will sound. But it was three years in-between Stomp 442 and Volume 8: The Threat Is Real, fives in-between Volume 8 and We’ve Come for You All, and eight years in-between We’ve Come for You All and Worship Music. So if we assume that each Anthrax album takes three more years to release than the one prior, than we should get to hear some new music sometime in 2022.

Assuming the band’s line-up remains intact until that time, this ‘Thrax record will be the band’s first with new guitarist Jon Donais (Shadows Fall), their sixth album with vocalist Joey Belladonna, and their seventh album without Scott Ian’s hair.

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