Sebastian Bach and Nikki Sixx: The Old Lady Fight Continues!

Sebastian Bach with some thin dude who looks remarkably like Vince Neil.
Sebastian Bach with some dude who looks remarkably like Vince Neil.

Not since my grandmother claimed that Mrs. Rabinowitz was stealing hard candies from her room at the old folks’ home have I seen such an intense fight between two old women.

To review the events to date, for those of you who haven’t been following this hilarious story: last week, former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach claimed that he was asked to replace Vince Neil in Mötley Crüe after the singer’s split with the band in 1992. Then Nikki Sixx went on the radio and said that this claim “is absolutely not true.” Baz, in turn, asserted that he had even rehearsed with the band in front of their road crüe crew, and promised that “I am working on my book right now… I plan on my book having even more information in it.”

And you’d think that Sixx, who is fifty-four years old and has kids and a career and probably had more sex this hour than everyone else in North America combined for the entire month of September, would not allow himself to be baited by Bach and would leave the argument at that… but he did allow himself to be baited by Bach! So, the entertainment continues: Nikki Sixx has taken to Twitter to toss some insults Bach’s way (we can safely assume — Bach is never mentioned by name):

Baz then retaliated with his own tweets that are clearly about Sixx even if they don’t mention Sixx by name, implying that Sixx’s memory is less-than-stellar on account of his years of drug abuse:

Eventually, Baz provided the strongest evidence that he’s telling the truth yet — an old Headbanger’s Ball interview in which Sixx discusses The Crüe jamming with Bach:

As of this writing, Sixx has yet to offer another retort, although when he does, I suspect he’ll point out that the above interview says nothing about offering Baz the gig.

But honestly, it doesn’t matter: what does matter is that one-and-a-half bona fide rock stars are having a fight over Twitter about something that may or may not have happened more than twenty years ago, even though the outcome of this event ultimately had no bearing whatsoever on either of their careers. I personally cannot think of a better use of their time. As we all know, many people lie on their death beds and declare, “I really should have made sure people knew that that irrelevant claim that guy made was bullshit!” Little wonder this continues to be a top priority for both musicians.

[via Metal Insider]

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