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Devin Townsend Could Release THREE New Albums in 2014


Devin Townsend live at Roskilde 2013

We’ve been hearing about Casualties of Cool and Ziltoid 2 for what seems like forever. But now we’re finally getting release dates for each, albeit tentative ones. Metal Injection picked up on the following Tweet from Devin over the weekend:

So that’s good. But wait, there’s more! Also via Twitter, where Devin seems to release all of his news these days:

Kat would be Kat Epple, an established flautist who played on 2011’s DTP album Ghost. Here she is on the track “Monsoon:”

I could definitely get into an album of relaxing music to use for meditation… all I’d need is Devin’s soothing voice telling me to relax. But nevertheless, even if that’s not your thing, the thought of three new pieces of Devin Townsend music in 2014 is pretty tantalizing. Get ready.

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