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Pelican Step Off “The Cliff”


Pelican - Forever BecomingPelican are masters of the long-con: they’ve been releasing songs around the 15th of every month from their new album Forever Becoming ever since freakin’ July even though the record doesn’t come out until October 15th. That’s a long promo window! The music itself goes for the soft sell, too; it won’t bowl you over with brutality or hooks, but it draws you in, every so slowly, and casts its magical spell upon you until you bow down in submission and let its sweet, sultry waves wash over you. “Immutable Dusk” and “Deny the Absolute” were both absolutely excellent tracks and now we’ve got “The Cliff,” which you can and should stream below. It’s the slowest and softest of the three releases so far but it’s positively gorgeous; I particularly love the atmospheric, arpeggiated guitar work by co-guitarists Trevor de Brauw and Dallas Thomas.

Pelican will release Forever Becoming on October 15th via Southern Lord. Order it here.

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