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Rage it Up with Stray From the Path on Anonymous, Now Streaming


Stray from the Path - Anonymous

Lost in the Avenged Sevenfold ripping off early ’90s metal bands debate: how come no one’s calling shenanigans on Stray From the Path for aping Rage Against the Machine? Oh, right, because SFTP are a credible hardcore band and A7X are proverbial punching bags. Of course!

Not that I mind that Stray From the Path wear their Rage influence loud and proud — I actually love it! — and I like the new A7X album too in all its GNR / Metallica / Megadeth-inspired glory. So eat it.

Stray’s nw album Anonymous is out now, and you can stream it below. Lots of Morello-isms and de la Rocha-isms all over the place, all welcome become no one else is doing it these days, not even Rage themselves. Of course Stray filter it all through their own Long Island hardcore prism, too; for example, third track “Radio” is equal parts Rage rap-metal and breakneck punk. And there’s an absolutely sick “BLEH!” to bring in track four, “Scissor Hands.” Enjoy!

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