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Dope are Now Djope



Dope are too good for a lot of things — originality, dignity, and class all come to mind — but one thing they’re not too good for is chasing trends. I think all three of us who remember the band in their late-90s/early aughts heyday still think of them as a nu metal band, but they knew that ship was sinking, and when we last heard from them, in 2009, they were touring with Zakk Wylde and trying to re-brand themselves as a BLS-style biker metal outfit.

Now the band has released a teaser for their new album, Blood Money. And while visually, at least, the band seems to be trying to retain the tough-guy image (and keep in mind that vocalist/band leader Edsel Dope is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, which ain’t exactly East St. Louis), musically, they’re clearly doing the whole djent/popified Meshuggah thing.

But why? Is there any chance in hell that Dope’s fanbase is still growing substantially? At this point, I’d think they could resign themselves to a lifetime of playing their cover of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round” on tours with hed p.e. and Mushroomhead and Nothingface and Motorgrater and make at least enough money to subsit on Extra Value Meals from Mickey D’s. Do they really think that fans of Periphery and Veil of Maya are suddenly become all hot n’ bothered for Dope? That’s pretty, well… dopey, isn’t it?

Blood Money is tentatively scheduled for a March 2014 release via eOne.

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