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Kataklysm are “Like Animals”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Kataklysm - Waiting for the End to Come

The Gauntlet has premiered another new track from Kataklysm’s forthcoming release, Waiting for the End to Come. It’s called “Like Animals,” so I’ll discuss it in terms of animals: while it doesn’t have any of the monstrous elephants marching riffs Kataklysm are so great at writing, there is what might best be described as an awesome “horses galloping” riff at the one-minute mark and again around 2:42, and at 1:45 and 1:55, it sounds like guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais has just shoved one of the aforementioned horses right into the glue machine.

In other words: Elephants marching? We don’t need no stinkin’ elephants marching!

Waiting for the End to Come? The wait is over October 29, courtesy of Nuclear Blast.

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