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Stream Doomriders’ Grand Blood Right Granddamn Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

Doomriders - Grand Blood

Is it just us, or is the new Doomriders album, Grand Blood, one of the most disappointing of the year? I mean, it’s not awful, by any stretch of the imagination. This is not Doomrider’s answer to St. Anger (whatever the hell that would sound like). It’s just that it’s not especially distinctive or interesting; you can’t throw an empty PBR can at St. Vitus without hitting a band that sounds like this. And, as Vince wept last weekGrand Blood “lacks that twin-guitarmony melodic awesomeness that made [2005’s] Black Thunder such a rad album.” A Doomriders album should be a slam dunk, not a solid double, right?

Or are we being too hard on ’em?

Here’s your chance to decide: Pitchfork is now streaming the entire album. This is actually one of those rare instances where I hope the vast majority of the world DOES disagree with us, and embraces the album with sleeve-tattooed arms wide open. I got nothin’ but respect for this band… I’m just not feeling this album. Bummer.

Listen here and see what you think. Grand Blood comes out October 15.

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