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Warrell Dane Teams Up with Jeff Loomis-Affiliated Shaded Enmity


Shaded Enmity / Warrel Dane

Does seeing “Warrel Dane” and “Shaded Enmity” in the same sentence give you pause? It should. That’s because Shaded Enmity’s leader and guitarist Joe Nurre is also the guitarist in Jeff Loomis’ live band. Furthermore, Aaron Smith (of 7 Horns 7 Eyes) produced Loomis’ last solo record and Shaded Enmity’s most recent one. Meaning both Nurre and Smith have worked with Loomis and Dane, albeit on separate projects. That’s pretty whacky! It’d be like if Rick Rubin or someone produced albums by both Axl N’ Roses and Slash within the same year, and furthermore that Bumblefoot recorded for one and toured for the other… bizarre-o world!

This presumably means one of two things: 1) Loomis and Dane are on speaking terms, and all is good, 2) Loomis and Dane are not at all on speaking terms, and Smith and Nurre have placed themselves in a precarious position. Or, we can hope, 3) Perhaps they’re trying to play peace-maker and get Nevermore back together!

Oh right, the music: we’ve covered Shaded Enmity on MS before so the quality of their tunes shouldn’t surprise you (and, yep, it’s very Nevermore-y), but it’s great to hear Warrel Dane’s voice anywhere at all again, especially on top of music so becoming of it. “And Life Was Great…” first appeared on Shaded Enmity’s June release Forsaken and Forgotten (stream album in full here); stream both the new version with Dane and the original below:

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